Automatization of liquid handling for cell cultures

such as culture medium replacement, perfusions, circulations, and reagent injections.

Portable Medium Exchange System

Regenerative Medicine Technology

As a manufacturer specialized in micropumps and microvalves, Takasago contributes to automation and industrialization of bio research, including cell culture, tissue culture, regenerative medicine and drug discovery, by utilizing its fluid control technologies.

Learn more about our Portable Medium Replacement System, the 3D Perfusion Unit, Live Cell Imaging Fluidic System and the possibility to develop own devices using miniaturized fluidic components like pump and valves from Takasago.

Pump overview
Portable Medium Exchange System

Portable Medium Replacement System

Automated replacement of culture medium at low cost!

Automatic medium replacement

Can be used in an incubator

Observable on a microscope

3h / 6h / 12h / 24h medium replacement interval

3D Perfusion Unit

Perfusion with shear stress. Keep tissues active for an extended period in a culture condition close to in vivo.

Perfusion culture can easily be handled in your existing incubator.

Strength of shear stress can be controlled

Accomidates to a standard 6-well plate

3D Perfusion Unit
Live Cell Imaging Fluidic System

Live Cell Imaging Fluidic System

Automatic adjustment of reagent concentration gradient during live cell imaging.

Easily programmable from rapid medium exchange to gentle perfusion

Capable of slow and precise reagent addition


Discover our microfluidic OEM products

Miniature pumps & valves for customized fluidic solutions

minimum Flow
minimum orifice size
RP-TX Ring Pump

RP-TX Series

Flowrate: 0,03 – 40µl/min
Tubing: Silicon | Olefine
Chip Pump

Chip pump

Flowrate: 2 – 85µl/min
Wetted materials: PDMS
Pipe: Stainless Steel (optionally PEEK)
NV Valve

N(L)V Series

Orifice size: 0,4mm
Wetted Materials: FFKM | FPM
RP-HX Ring Pump

RP-HX Pumps

Flowrate: 4 – 400 μl/min | 14-1100 µl/min
Tubing: Silicon

Piezo Pump

Piezo Pumps

Max. flowrate: 3,0 – 20ml/min
Wetted materials: COC and EPDM

SMV Valve

SMV valve

Orifice size: 0,4 mm | 0,8 mm
Wetted materials: FPM | EPDM | FFKM
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