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BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH

About BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH

BMT was founded in 1994 by Dr. Brandt under the name Brandt Medical Technology with the aim of selling fluidic components such as pumps and valves for equipment manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the field of medical and analytical technology.

In the first years the partnership with Takasago started and together we started to support our customers with valve solutions for their medical and analytical devices.

In 2009 BMT was bought by Mr. Patrick Stamm and transferred to BMT Fluid Control Solutions GmbH in 2010. Since then, the product range has been constantly expanded to offer solutions in pumps, valves and systems to customers for many different applications and fields.

Since its foundation, the focus has been on offering our customers an optimal solution tailored to their application.

About Takasago

Takasago Electric, Inc. is a specialist manufacturer of miniature chemically inert valves and pumps. Its head office is located in Japan, having a more than 50year company history.

Takasago has contributed to the development of its main adopted field of analyzers from the perspective of fluid mechanics by offering an expertise accumulated over many years and solution-oriented product proposals. Analyzers in cutting-edge fields such as medical diagnosis, environmental measurement, specific substance detection e.g. protein, and quality management including food safety are indispensable for the preservation of people’s health and the maintenance of a beautiful environment in the earth. Every day, Takasago’s products are playing an active role inside these analyzers. Takasago¬†hopes to contribute to the international society by setting targets at a global level and by continuing to manufacture high quality and high performance products.

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ISO certification

Since 19.11.2014 BMT has introduced a quality management system according to the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and applies it to guarantee the highest level of quality in the consulting and delivery process.

Takasago’s head factory acquired the international quality management standard ISO9001 certification on 30 September 1999. This certification can only be acquired when the quality management of product design and manufacturing is implemented based on international standard as recognized by an international quality assurance institution.