In vivo-like cultivation inside the well plate!

Suitable for 3D tissue culturing system of liver, nerve cell, myocardia, etc.

Perfusion culture can easily be handled in your existing incubator.
Strength of shear stress can be controlled.
Accomidates to a standard 6-well plate.
3D Perfusion Unit


  1. Creates vertical permeation through cell layers or tissues by pressurizing the cell culture insert.
  2. Sequential reactions can be expected because secretions from upstream cells can act on downstream cells.
  3. Culture medium reaches deeper parts of tissues or spheroids in comparison to conventional perfusion methods, possibly keeping them active for longer.
  4. Upon request, we can offer automatic control of culture environment including dissolved oxygen level for hypoxic culture, pH of culture medium, etc.

Actual Application Examples of Cell Culture

In preliminary experiment of cell culture, forming change of cells along perfusion direction was observed compared with stationary culture. 

Usage 3D Perfusion Unit